Avadial Launches New Avatar Telemarketing Software

January 5th 2017
Avadial, an American owned and operated telemarketing company, starts the New Year off with the unveiling of its ground breaking Avatar telemarketing technology. The future of telemarketing is here! Now with the use of cutting edge predictive dialer software and the use of actual live recorded voices, the call center industry is seeing a great deal of automation much like its manufacturing and fast food counterparts.

You Could be Talking to a Robot and not Even Know it!

The beta version of AvaDial was actually deployed over 12 months ago as the development team worked out the kinks. That being said, during the testing phase, Avadial was used for actual lead generation campaigns and within this time called over 1 million phone numbers. The technicians continued calling and tweaking AvaDial until they got the error rate to an acceptable 4% or below. If you live in America, you might have already spoken to AvaDial and not even have known it.

Future of Telemarketing

Workplace automation can be a controversial subject especially with the national fear of being replaced by a robot which is already happening in so many other industries. No matter what side of the political spectrum you lean to, you have to accept that AI systems, automation and robotics will continue to make our lives easier. From a business point of view, AvaDial is a no-brainer. This innovative new technology allows us to call more than ten times the amount of people, increase contact rates and increase conversions much cheaper than a live agent. The best part is that with the use of real voice-over actors and actresses, we can provide Avatar Telemarketing Services in any language and with any accent!

Take the Pepsi Challenge

AvaDial is so proud of their proprietary system that they are now giving free demos to potential customers. Contact the sales team today to take a test drive and see if you can stump the system.