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Avadial is a patented proprietary software that perfectly handles inbound and outbound support, lead generation, and other telemarketing services that your organization needs.


Voice recordings created just for your campaign. Your customers will have no idea that they are talking to an avatar.

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Telemarketing is our core competency. Avadial helps build new customer relationships while augmenting your existing ones. Our platform has been developed to give your organization’s inbound and outbound telemarketing campaign the boost it deserves.


Your customers will never be able to tell that they are talking to a pre-recorded message. Choose a preferred accent and our voice actors will perfectly simulate it. Each dialogue undergoes strict quality checks, ensuring that all lines blend seamlessly.


With us, you can pick whichever campaign you choose. Our services are versatile, allowing you to create your own program. The technology we offer is reliable, cost-effective, and affordable. Whether your organization needs B2B, B2C, lead generation, or other telemarketing services, we’re here to help you out.


Avadial is our very own proprietary avatar dialer platform that aims to reduce costs and improve customer experience with the help of cutting edge technology. While the concept may not entirely be new, our team guarantees that the infrastructure and technology we use are constantly up to date to keep up with customers’ demands.


Managing offshore employees can be expensive. A large inbound or outbound telemarketing team is not always the most practical way to do business. Avadial is an inexpensive built-in solution that improves your profitability while minimizing your expenses.


The future of customer service is right at your fingertips. Instead of filling up a support ticket and waiting for a reply, your customers will be able to ask questions as if they are talking to a live agent. Since Avadial is available 24/7 your services will have no downtime.

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Avadial has been proven to significantly decrease your organization’s telemarketing expenses.


Boost your productivity by allowing live agents handle more than one avatar at a time. Not only is it less stressful, it also improves their workflow.

Human Touch

We use real human voices for all our avatars, making the experience feel very human.


Avadial provides quicker answers for your customer’s questions and inquiries. Save time and handle more calls today!

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Cheaper, Customizable, and Effective


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